Where I am From

Growing up in Tasmania, I had a very different lifestyle to the one I live now. I really wanted to portray my transition from growing up in Tasmania to moving to New South Wales through colour, sound and pace.

Colour was one of the main elements I focused on to portray this change. I began by introducing more monotone colours like grey, brown and green to represent my time in Tasmania. As the film moved on I began to bring in pops of colour to signify the transition that was occurring. The final few clips paired with ambient, original music are a goodbye to the beauty of Tasmania. I concluded the film with a clip of the blue sky, a representation of the flight I made to Sydney.

When it came to sound, I wanted to use it as a tool to compliment the scenes that the visual media displayed. I firstly made the decision to hold back from using too much music and have my voice as the main audio. I chose this because it helped portray the rawness of my life in Tasmania. Towards the closing of the video, I add more sound to yet again portray that there was a transition occurring. I blocked each visual piece as its own scene, and recorded different sounds to accompany the actions that were unfolding to help capture the emotion.

Finally, I paced both the sound and visual content to help portray different themes and emotions. This technique is particularly apparent in the clock scene where I slowed down the content to represent the slowing of time and the boredom it brings.

I wanted to push myself to create this video with 100% original content. I felt that this was the best way to put myself wholeheartedly into the video and really portray where I am from.


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