Algorithmic control I: Intellectual Property and the Content Control Industry

Before copyright, content creators had no property claims on their intellectual work. People could share and use content as they pleased and as a result people lacked incentive to create things.

Berne Convention

In 1886 the Berne Convention was founded as a way to protect creators work from being distributed freely.

“The core of the Berne Convention is its provision that each of the contracting countries shall provide automatic protection for works first published in other countries of the Berne union and for unpublished works whose authors are citizens of or resident in such other countries.”

Berne Convention

Now, the Berne Convention has over 100 member countries. Now, almost everyone on the planet is creating their own media due to the huge rise in technology and social media. People have the opportunity to create whatever they want and claim it as their own. Without copyright, the media would not be as wide spread and informational as it is today.

Creative Commons

Creative commons is designed to allow creators to share their work under their terms. Many people want to share their work online but still want to have some control over how people share and use it. Creative Commons gives these people the opportunity to get a free online license that allows them to decide how others can distribute their work.

Media Control

Despite having access to copyright and Creative Commons, it is important to remember that the media still has a hold of everything that is ever posted online.


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6 thoughts on “Algorithmic control I: Intellectual Property and the Content Control Industry

  1. Hey Sophie, I loved your remediation for this week! It was an interesting take on the conversation, one that I hadn’t considered before. The media can’t just log off or shut down its content or platforms as it chooses and by extension, neither can we. With this in mind, we must make sure we have a full understanding of the online world and the work that we put out there.
    I think you broke down the content really well, my only suggestion would be to have a few more hyperlinks for further reading!
    Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To start with I enjoyed your remediation – how creepy is it that everything we have ever posted even from when we were awkward 13 year olds will always be drifting around somewhere in the furthest corners of the internet!! In my own post this week I also the Berne Convention and Creative Commons but I did not go into media controls, so that was really interesting to read about here. Unlike your post, I talked about copyright and the importance of digital rights management as well as the important role the government plays (and must continue to enhance at) in protecting the privacy of everyone – cause at the end of the day privacy is a basic human right. If I was to make a suggestion – my only one would be to possibly add a quick definition of media control at the start of that subtitle. xx


  3. Awesome Blog really cool to see someone use SoundCloud on their blog first time I’ve seen one at least. I liked how you discussed the creative commons, it’s a really good concept that would help a lot of people and is something that a lot more people should know about, its good to spread the awareness. I too talked about how everybody is creating Media due to the rise in technology and social media. This Explains the legal side of copyright for social media within Australia a bit more if you get the time to have a look.
    Great Blog overall Keep up the good work!

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