Visual Storytelling

In this week lecture we covered visual storytelling. Visual storytelling is the use of graphics, videos and images to convey meaning and spark emotions in viewers.

One aspect of visual storytelling is visual language. This can be broken into three categories:


  • Subject
  • Perspective
  • Composition
  • Colour


  • Size
  • Distance
  • Intensity
  • Colour


  • Movement
  • Diegesis
  • Editing
  • Sound/Music

I will be taking these aspects into account as I work on my first assignment, a collection of still videos, Lumiere style.

Over the history of cinema, there have been many adaptations of traditional tales, folklores, and written novels to screen. My favourite adaptation is beauty and the beast. I think that the magic from original was still captured particularly with the lighting. In one particular clip, the ballroom dancing, the room is filled with candles and warm light, creating a beautiful scene. The filming is also very creative, sometimes moving in an almost rhythmic, dance like way. It goes from close ups to far shots creating depth and carrying the watching through a magical story.

The music is also a key element in the story. They kept all the original songs which preserves the essence of the first film. this film really demonstrates how Photography is a mix between reality and fantasy.


Law, J 2021, ‘Visual Storytelling’, online lecture, BCM115, University of Wollongong, viewed 17 March 2021


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