The Medium is the Message II: The Logic of Digital Production and the Network Economy

Similarly to last week, this week in BCM112 we talked about the medium being the message, however, we dove deeper in digital production and the economic network this week.

One thing we learned was the difference between legacy and emergent media. Legacy media, such as books and newspapers is part of the industrial paradigm which means once its created, it can’t be edited or changed. The industrial paradigm thrives on sameness and mass production (Mitew 2021).

Emergent media however, relates to things like social media posts, and online business. It is constantly open to editing and can change based on feedback given by viewers. It is part of the Internet paradigm, which open the door for viewers to interact with the media, and even create their own related content (Mitew 2021). Twitter is a great example of this. One tweet can be re-tweeted millions of times and there is unlimited room for comments and adaptions of that tweet. This also relates to memes. One meme can be created, only to have thousands of adaptations made.

Disaster Girl started with one meme which blew up as people created their own versions. It is now one of the most famous memes due to people’s extensive sharing of the meme on the internet. This is a great example of the online community McLuhan predicted in the 1960’s.

This week we also we explored glitch, vaporwave and new aesthetic.

Glitch is a ‘broken’ kind of editing that many people use on their media today. Some theories claim that this genre became popular because of its similarity to an old television and the sense of nostalgia is creates. It is also unexpected which increases the boarders and unpredictability of the media.

Vaporwave and a s t h e t i c are a duo that have been around for over 10 years. Vapourwave refers to a genre of music, often 80s or 90s style, edited and slowed down to create a sort of slow mesmerising song. It is then paired with a s t h e t i c, which refers to an aesthetic variety of pictures or graphics, edited to almost look like an album cover. Backed with Vapourwave and cool effects, it creates its own genre of media. Still confused? Here is an example I made using Kapwing:


10 thoughts on “The Medium is the Message II: The Logic of Digital Production and the Network Economy

  1. I struggled so hard to focus on this weeks lecture, your blog post explained the topics in a really easy to digest way with recognisable examples. Your explanations of glitch and vaporwave were better than mine, it seems like you understood the topic really well. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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  2. Hiya! I really like the way you’ve responded to the topic and how you brought up and compared both memes and also vaporwave and aesthetics. I really enjoyed the video link at the bottom, I found that it gave a good insight into what vaporwave music sounds like. I also had a look at the glitch aesthetics link you commented on my last post! I found it very informative and it gave me a better understanding of what makes glitch art/aesthetics the way it is. Great job! 🙂

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  3. Hi Sophie! I really liked the way you explained the topic, I found it really hard to concentrate and have a grasp on the content this week. But your post has made it easier to comprehend! Thanks so much and keep up the awesome work 🙂 x

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  4. Hi Sophie, I really like your blog and how you explain each topic. I find it hard to comprehend the lecture sometimes and so far I have been going to your blog for a good simpler explanation and it really helps me understand the topic some more. I also really like how you format your blog posts and how you write things. Thank you for helping me without realising it and keep up the great work xxx


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