Introduction to BCM112

Hello fellow BCM112 students and readers! My name is Sophie Brown and I’m in my second year of studying a Bachelor of Journalism. This semester I am lucky enough to be part of the BCM112 clan (yay!) which means I finally have the opportunity to create a Digital Artefact (DA). After seeing a lot of my friends create AMAZING Digital Artefacts I am excited to get started on my own.

A couple of weeks ago I began brainstorming what direction I should take my DA. I came up with three ideas, a Tiktok where I make health and fitness videos, a lifestyle, health and fashion focused Youtube channel or a candle making business. After much thought I ended up deciding on the latter. I will probably end up going into detail about my thought process on this decision in a later blog so I will keep it short today. To put it bluntly I love Candles. I have so many that they don’t all fit in my room. I also love anything creative and I just thought why not start something that I know I can carry on outside of Uni. So, I made the decision! Over the next 13 weeks I will be starting a candle making business from scratch. I have no idea what I am doing but I can’t wait to get started!

Get excited for weekly blogs on BCM112 content plus regular updates on my DA!

Sophie Brown

4 thoughts on “Introduction to BCM112

  1. Hi Sophie!

    I love the idea of creating candles, as you can really go far with a candle business online. I would love to see you create and develop some original candles that reflect you as an individual and what your whole vibe is. For example, I saw on TikTok the other day that someone was creating candles based off of Hollywood films – as in they were creating candles that had scents specific to scenes in these films.
    Would love to see how creative and original you could get with these!
    I will definitely be following on 🙂

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  2. Hi Sophie!

    I loved your ideas. I believe each one would bring something great to you and your life.

    For me while thinking of what to do for my DA, i had a lot of ideas. So, i decided to do whatever i have in mind because i have learned to TRY EVERYTHING. It’s so great.

    However, starting a Candle Making business is so great. I believe it will carry great lessons and opportunities to you.

    All the best, keep it up!!

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