Hi my name is Sophie! I am currently in my second year of uni, completing a bachelor of journalism. This blog is where I intend to upload my assignments and projects I complete over my three years at uni.

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  • Contextual essay
    Althea and Co The idea for Althea and Co first arose when I noticed the sudden increase of candles appearing on my Pinterest and Instagram. I loved the plethora of different aesthetics and the colours, shapes and blends. I really liked the idea of making and selling candles as IContinue reading “Contextual essay”
  • Where I am From
    Growing up in Tasmania, I had a very different lifestyle to the one I live now. I really wanted to portray my transition from growing up in Tasmania to moving to New South Wales through colour, sound and pace. Colour was one of the main elements I focused on toContinue reading “Where I am From”